How do I see my students' progress?

Of course you need to see how your students are progressing! That's why we created our Teacher Dashboard, a one-stop shop for you to see where your students are up to on Grok. 

From your Launchpad, click on your Teacher Dashboard link at the top of the page. Here you see all your student groups. Let's select a group (or select "All Students"). Now we are in the main part of the Teacher Dashboard, where you can see student progress. 

View all Assigned Progress

If you click the button "Assigned Progress", you will see a list of all your students; the courses they have been assigned; and their progress in each assigned course. 

The coloured progress bars give you different information about the progress of your students: What do the different colours mean on the course progress bars?

View progress in a specific course or competition

If you want to look at student progress in a specific course or competition, use the drop-down menu under the "Course Progress" button. This contains a list of all courses that your students are doing on Grok (not just the ones they have been assigned!). 

Here, you can also sort your students by name, by grade, by progress.

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