What is Live Classroom?

Live Classroom is a feature for teachers, specifically designed to give you insight into what's happening in your classroom - even when that classroom is remote!

Are students making progress on their assigned work? Are they getting stuck and falling behind, or do they need some additional challenges? The Live Classroom view provides a real-time snapshot of your students' current and recent activity on Grok, including when they last viewed a slide or problem, marked a problem, or solved a problem.

We'll be adding more Live Classroom features in coming weeks, and we'd love to know what you think! If you have any feedback please get in touch.

FAQ contents

How do I access the Live Classroom view?

Current Student Activity and Status indicators

Activity Log and Key

Student Activity Summary

Changing the Date Range

Leaving Reactions

How do I access the Live Classroom view?

You can access the Live Classroom from your Teacher Dashboard. Scroll to find the student Grade or Group you would like to view, and click View Live:

What information does Live Classroom provide?

Current Student Activity and Status

The left-hand menu displays the current status of your students, and each student's most recent activity in a course or competition. The sorting buttons at the top allow you to sort your students according to their current activity status or alphabetically.

Below each student's name you can find the most recent slide or problem they viewed, marked or solved, and the name of the course that slide or problem is in. Expanding the "All Courses" drop-down will show you all courses the student has worked on within the selected time period.

To the right you can find an indicator of the student's current status. There are four activity status indicators you could see next to a student's name:

The student is currently online and active.

The student is not online. The timestamp records the time of their last activity.
The student is online but has been inactive for at least 4 minutes. They may be stuck, away from their computer, or off-task.
The student has marked the current problem more than five times without solving it. Once the student solves or moves on from the problem their status will return to Online.

Student Activity Log

The Live Classroom view shows a live-updating timeline of activity for each student:

Each symbol in the timeline represents a particular student activity, as described in the key:

Indicates a slide within a course or competition
Indicates a problem within a course or competition
Indicates a student viewed the slide or problem
Indicates a student ran their code within the problem
Indicates a student marked the problem but hasn’t yet solved it
Indicates a student has successfully marked the problem, or completed all steps on the interactive slide (N.B. only some courses contain interactive steps.)
Indicates a student has marked the problem more than 5 times without passing, and is struggling.
Indicates a student has been on the problem or slide for at least 4 minutes without activity and has stalled. They may be stuck, away from their computer, or off-task.

Hovering over a symbol provides more detailed information about that activity, including the name of the slide or problem, the course it is in, and the exact timestamp.

Clicking on a symbol will take you to that problem or slide in the student "red view", where you can view the student's code and marker submissions.

Scrolling will move you back or forwards along the timeline, to see earlier or later activity. You can scroll back up to 24 hours from the current time.

Viewing a summary of activity by course

Expanding the All Courses drop-down under each student's name will show a summary of all the student's activity by course for the selected time period:

Changing the date range

You can view historical data by changing the date range, or choose to 'zoom' into a smaller timeframe by changing the time range, using the drop-down menus at the top of the page: 

Student Activity Reactions

Hovering over an event symbol will give you the option to leave a 'reaction' or short piece of feedback for the student:

Students will receive a notification in My Learning and the Learning Interface when they have received some teacher feedback:

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