How can I see my students' work?

You might notice that some students are struggling with their assigned course. Can you see what they are stuck on? The answer is yes! 

You can: 
See student's work in the Red View
See student's code revisions
Test student's code
View tutor messages & chat with students

This FAQ is about viewing individual pieces of student work. If instead you want to assess their overall progress, read about monitoring progress here. 

See student's work in the Red View

You can directly view any of your student's Learning Interfaces - this allows you to see their code and what they are working on. We call this the Red View - the red bar at the top reminds you that you are viewing someone else's workspace rather than your own.  

There are two ways to navigate to the Red View:

1. From the Student Management page

From the Teacher Dashboard, go to the Student Management section by clicking on a student grade or group. In this view, you can see overall student progress. Click on any coloured progress bar to jump into the Red View for that problem. 

2. From Live Classroom

From the Teacher Dashboard, go to the Live Classroom view by clicking on View Live for a student grade or group. This view shows you a live updating view of recent student activity. Click on any activity diamond to see that event in the student's Learning Interface. 

Using the Red View

In the Red View you can see exactly what this student is working on, and even test and edit their code for yourself. None of your changes will affect what the student is doing - the student won't even know you are there. If you make changes and want to go back to the version the student had originally, just refresh the page. 

You can also navigate back and forth in the red view (just like normal) to see other problems the student has been working on in this course. 

See student's revisions

In the Red View, you can load a previous code version or submission. This allows you to see the changes the student has made. 

All the previous submissions are listed in the Submissions tab, and you can load them using the Load button. 

Test student's code

You can run and mark the student's code for yourself, to check you understand what they have done or how they need to fix it. Any running and marking that you do won't be visible by the student. The marking message will say FAKE to remind you.

View tutor messages and chat with students

Inside the Red View you can also view the chat history on that problem. If chat is enabled, your student may have chatted to our expert tutors, or other teachers at your institution (or yourself!). You can view the student's chat history from inside the Red View by clicking on the Tutoring button. 

You can simply view the chat threads to understand what the student has asked for help with from our tutors. 

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