How can I sort by student progress?

Did you know you can sort students in your Teacher Dashboard?

We know your time in the classroom is at a premium, and you want to spend it where it's most needed. To quickly identify students who are struggling with their assigned course, you can sort students in your Teacher Dashboard.

  1. On your Teacher Dashboard, select a course from the Course Progress tab (eg. Introduction to Programming). You'll see a list of all your students currently enrolled in this course. By default they are sorted in alphabetical order by Name.
  2. Next to the Progress column heading, you'll see a small grey arrow. Click it! You students will be sorted in descending order based on the number of problems completed.
  3. Try clicking the arrow again. Now your students are sorted in ascending order of completed problems.
  4. Now look for the arrow next to Name and click it. Your students are back to the original sort order. You can sort by Name, Grade, Score, Completion, and Progress. On the Student Admin tab you can also sort by Last Active. 
  5. If you like, you can select another course from the drop down. To clear the course filter and see all courses, refresh the page. 

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