Why can't I see a student's progress?

If you can see a student on your dashboard, but cannot see any course progress, there are a few possible causes:

1. They have duplicate accounts, and they are working through a course in a different account.
2. They are not pressing 'mark', when they finish a problem.

To work out which of these options it is, you can ask the student to go to the course details page (click the course from their  launchpad), and if you can see green diamonds on the course, then they have been marking their work, in which case they are working under a different account to what you can see. (See related articles below).

If they do not have any progress showing up, then they are not pressing mark when they finish a problem. Their entered programs should still be saved, so just ask them to go back to each problem and press mark.

If you need assistance with this,  contact us and we can help sort it out.

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