How do I register my students?

You can register new or additional students for free on the  Bulk Subscription page, found via the 'Subscribe/Register Students' link on the teacher dashboard.

Depending on your school and jurisdiction, you may or may not need to register accounts on behalf of your students. Check whether you need to register your students here. 

Under the "Account type" column, you can select "Free account only" to register an account without buying a subscription, or choose "Paid subscription" to register accounts and additionally purchase subscriptions for them.

Free account only

Free accounts have limited access to our  courses, no access to our competitions and full access to our short activities. Our short activities are perfect for an hour of code, a code club activity or for testing our platform in your classroom.

Paid subscription

Accounts with subscriptions have access to all courses, competitions and short activities, plus all future content.

For more details on bulk subscription, see our  bulk subscription Upload Guide. For info on how to pay for subscriptions, see How do I pay for subscriptions?

For more information about free resources see:  Are there any free courses or materials?

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