Troubleshooting registering students using Google Classroom

To register students in Grok using Google Classroom, please follow the process outlined in this FAQ article:  How do I register my students using Google Classroom?

The most common issue reported by teachers trying to import their Google Classroom data is that the import process gets stuck loading the Google Classrooms (shown in the picture below).

Resetting Grok access permissions for Google Classrooms

The student registration process gets stuck in this "Loading" state pictured above if a teacher has not granted access to their Classroom data. When you first try to import student data using Google Classroom you will have been prompted to grant Grok permission to access Classroom data. When any of the checkbox options provided are not ticked, then Grok is unable to load the Courses from your Google Classroom, as shown above. To fix this, we need to reset the permissions for Grok in your Google account. To do this, go to: Click on Third-party apps with account access.

If Grok is listed more than once, find the entry that was created most recently, as this is likely to be related to your Classroom permissions. If it only has Basic account info as shown in the picture below, click Remove Access on the later entry. This should reset your Google account to have no existing Classroom permissions associated with Grok. You can now restart importing students as outlined below.

If this section shows instead that Grok has access to Basic account info as well as Additional access to View your Google Classroom classes as pictured below, do not Remove Access. Please email so we can look into it further.

Importing via Google Classrooms (with correct permissions)

Starting back at the Register Students page, click on Import Students and then Google Classroom. 
Step 1 Instructions: Click Next on the first step.

 Step 2 Authenticate: You will now be prompted to sign in with your Google account to allow Grok to access your Google Classroom data as pictured below. Click on Sign in with Google  and select the Google account being used for Grok.

If this prompt does not appear and instead it skips to Step 3 Select Course this means Google is still using your old permission settings. If this is the case, you will need to go back to the section on "Resetting Grok access permissions for Google Classrooms" and check if there is another entry for Grok in the third party list.

Once you have selected your Google account, you are then shown a screen with a list of permissions Grok needs to complete the import process (picture on the left). Make sure to tick all of these (as shown in the picture on the right) before clicking on "Continue".

Step 3 Select Course The process will then move on to the next step to successfully load all the classes you have set up in your Google Classrooms. After this you can just follow the instructions on the screen to import the students you want from your selected Classroom. 

Tried these steps and it's still not working?

If you are experiencing a different issue with Google Classroom, please contact for further help.

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