Setting up class groups

You can set up class groups via the Teacher Dashboard

Adding students to a group

Choose "View all students" from the teacher dashboard.

Select the students you wish to group, and then add them to an existing group or create a new group via the Add to group drop down.

Removing students from a group

To remove students from a group, use the same process but instead select the Remove from group drop down.

What can I use groups for?

You can use groups to represent your classes, or project groups, or anything else - whatever makes it easiest for you! Students can also belong to more than one group. 

Can I add students to groups in bulk?

You can assign students to groups during the registration process.

If you wish to add many existing students to a group, as long as the email addresses match the existing accounts, re-registering your students will enrol them in the groups you specify.

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