Why can't I assign a course to a student?

There are a few ways for this to happen:

  • The course requires paid access, and your school does not have this
  • The course is fee-free for Australian students in grades 5-8, but the student is not in the appropriate grade, or your institution is not an Australian school
  • The course is no longer open to new enrolments (e.g. a competition that has finished)
  • The student already has an enrolment for the course, but with a different institution

Paid Access

Some courses are only available for students at institutions with current paid access. You will not be able to assign these courses to students who are marked "Free courses only".

For Australian institutions, the Cyber Security Challenges only have subsidised access for students in grades 5-12 making them fee-free. If the student is not in the appropriate grade and does not have a current subscription, you will not be able to assign the course to the student.

Multiple Institutions

Students can only enrol (or be assigned) a course with one institution at a time.

For privacy reasons, if a student has already started (or been enrolled in) a course with another institution, then this will not appear to have been assigned in your dashboard for that student.

If you try to assign them the course, the student will receive a notification the next time they log in, asking them if they will allow you to view their course progress.

If the student confirms access for your institution, the course will then appear in your dashboard as having been assigned to that student.

What to do next

If you know the student has an appropriate subscription and grade level for the course, and that the course is available for enrolments, please ask the student to log in to Grok, after you have tried to assign them the course.

Did the student see the notification and approve your request? If you think the student might have accidentally clicked past this notification, you can try assigning the course again, and then helping them when they next log in.

If you still can't see the enrolment for the student in your dashboard after they have confirmed access for your institution, please contact our support channel and let us know which student is affected, and which course you were trying to assign.

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