How do I sign up my students to the competition?

If you are new to Grok and you're wondering how to sign up to one of our competitions, here's the 3 easy steps to enroll your students! Scroll down for detailed instructions. 

1. Register students for accounts on Grok

Accounts are free, so even if you're not sure exactly who is going to participate in the competition, register an account anyway! 

Here are the instructions to register your students: How do I register my students?

2. Buy access

Thanks to the generous support of WiseTech Global, Grok Academy is currently free for students from Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. This does include our Competitions, so schools in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand will not need to follow this step.

All our competitions require paid access. Once you've confirmed which students are participating, go ahead and request a quote from your Teacher Dashboard. You can do this anytime before or during the competition. Your students will have access to the competition as soon as you've completed the order. 

3. Enroll students in the appropriate competition stream

Enrolling students in the competition is just the same as assigning them to any of our other courses. 

Follow these instructions and choose one of the competition streams (they should be at the top of the list): How do I assign a course to my students?

For help on which competition stream to pick, have a read of this FAQ (or email us!): Which Challenge stream is right for my students?

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