How do I pay for subscriptions?

If you purchase subscriptions, an invoice will be generated which you can send to your accounts department. This invoice can be paid by credit card via PayPal, by direct PayPal transfer, EFT or cheque.

If you aren't sure about this process, feel free to email the invoice to your school's payment officer.

Credit Card

To pay for Grok accounts by credit card, you can use PayPal - you don't need a PayPal account.

When you pay with PayPal for a school purchase, please make sure you do not use your personal account. When you get to PayPal you can either choose another account, log out of your account, or indicate that you aren't using your personal account. 

Once you leave Grok to pay with PayPal we are unfortunately unable to give you guarantees about your user experience, since the PayPal interface varies from country to country. For information about PayPal, please visit their website:

Direct PayPal transfer

The process for direct PayPal transfer is the same as for credit card via PayPal.


If you are in Australia (or are willing to pay international bank transfer fees), the invoice can be paid by electronic bank transfer or by cheque in Australian Dollars.

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