I can't access a course or module ("locked" access)

If you can't access a course or module, it might display a padlock symbol 🔒 

There are a few reasons why this might be locked for you:

Is it a Grok course?

Usually the padlock symbol means that you need paid access to Grok to access this course or the rest of the modules. 

To find out more, request a quote from your Teacher Dashboard.

Is it a course from your university?

Does your course use an LMS like Canvas or Blackboard? 

If you normally access Grok via your LMS, then the padlock probably means that you haven't "unlocked" this module in Grok yet. 

You need to click on the link in your LMS for each module to "unlock" them in Grok.

Was the module for an assessment?

Normally an assessment will be closed and locked after the due date. You can contact your course coordinator if you think you need access to assessment modules. 

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