How do I see progress on Scratch courses?

Due to the open-ended nature of Scratch, Scratch courses in Grok don't have a 'Mark' feature for the problems like you are used to with our other courses. 

This also means that student progress might not show up in the way you expect. Here are a few ways you can see how your students are going.


On the ACA's Scratch courses, there is an occasional multiple choice questions that can be marked. These act as checkpoints as they give you an idea as to where they are up to in the course as they do appear in the progress bar on the teacher dashboard.

Look at your student's work

You can take a look at your student's work using the Learning Interface, which has a red bar across the top. To access this, you need to click on the progress bar next to a course. 

Check out How can I see my student's work for more information about this.

Live Classroom

You can use Live Classroom to see what your students are currently working on. It updates as your students do different actions on the site. 

Certificates for Scratch

Scratch courses don't have certificates at the moment. This is something that we're working on!

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