How much does Grok cost?

Grok accounts can be created for free, which will give you access to the first two modules of most of our courses and some short courses. See Are there any free course materials? for more info.

Grok subscriptions

Access to the rest of the Grok content is via all-access subscriptions, which grant access to all our courses and competitions. Pricing for Grok subscriptions and site licences can be found on our pricing page.

Are there any discounts?

Yes! The cost of subscriptions decreases the more students are subscribed. On our pricing page it explains the bulk discount process. We also have site licences, which provide all-school access for a discounted rate.

What if I'm a teacher?

All verified teachers get free accounts which include access to all our courses and competitions, as well as solutions and teacher notes!

For more details on free teacher access, see  How do I get a free teacher account?

How do I register?

To register yourself, just sign up via the registration page.

To register your students, see How do I register students?

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