How much does Grok cost?

Do I need to pay to use Grok Academy? 

You don't have to have paid access to use Grok Academy. Grok accounts can be created for free, once you have registered an account, you can access all of our free content straight away. 
See Are there any free course materials? for more info.

International Grok paid access

Access to the rest of the Grok content is via paid access, which grants access to all our courses and competitions for up to 12 months. Pricing for Grok can be found on our pricing page.

Australian Grok access

Under sponsored access from WiseTech Global, Australians are able to access Grok freely for the next five years from 2023. For more details, see Who can access Grok for free?

Are there any discounts?

Yes! The cost of Grok decreases as you purchase paid-access for more students. Our pricing page explains the bulk discount process. 

I'm a teacher, do I need to pay?

Teachers will always have free access to all Grok content - you don't need to pay! Once you become a verified teacher, you will automatically have free access to all our content including teacher notes and solutions! For more details on free teacher access, see How do I get a free teacher account?

How do I register?

To register yourself, just sign up via the registration page.
To register your students, see How do I register students?

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