How do I become a verified teacher?

If you are looking for information about, how verification works, the data verified teachers get access to and Grok's approach to student privacy see our guide What is teacher verification?

1. Create a teacher account

To create your account you can either login via SAML/SSO (Check out this guide to do so!), or you can create an account by heading to our registration page!

2. Add your school or institution to your account

After logging in/registering, head to your account settings by going to the top right of the screen and click on your name -> click "Account" -> click "Institutions" on the left hand side. Once there you can add your institution by searching for it in our list, or if your information was filled out already (available by using SSO) you can immediately move to step 3!

If your institution doesn't appear, and you are an Australian or Aotearoa New Zealand teacher please get in contact with our customer support team!

3. Request verification at your institution

In this institution view, once you've joined your institution you will receive 2 new buttons in the Actions field. Here you can hit "Request verification" which will prompt you to confirm all the information attached to your account. Note: This is the information we will use to confirm you are a teacher at that institution, ensure it is correct.

If you are a tertiary educator looking to get teacher verification, please get in contact with our customer support team to help you further!

What happens next?

In line with our stance on privacy and data access, after you request verification we'll contact your institution and confirm you're a teacher there. Once done you'll receive an email confirming this!

What can I do as a verified teacher?

Verified teachers can sign up students, and manage student accounts at your school. You’ll also receive free access to all of our materials, including problem solutions and teacher notes!

For more details on what teachers have access to, see How do I get a free teacher account?

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