How do I get a free teacher account?

All teachers, including school, tertiary and pre-service teachers can get free accounts with access to all our resources for evaluation and professional development.

This grants access to:

  • teacher notes and solutions to problems
  • free access to all courses and competitions
  • any professional development resources we publish.

If you are not currently teaching at a school

You can get free teacher access by  registering an account and then emailing us.

If you are currently teaching at a school

If you're a QLD state school teacher, you already have an account! The QLD Department of Education has created accounts for all students and teachers. Just login with your school credentials and you'll have all the access you need. 

For everyone else, follow these steps to become a verified teacher on Grok. 

For more details on what becoming a verified teacher means, see  What is teacher verification?

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