My student is enrolled at another institution

Students can only enrol (or be assigned) a course with  one institution at a time. This includes "no institution" - so if a student has started a course by themselves, and not selected their school, you may not be able to see their progress. 

For privacy reasons, if a student has already started (or been enrolled in) a course with  another institution, then this will not appear to have been assigned in your dashboard for that student. However you can move the enrolment to your institution, if you need to see their progress. 

How can I see their progress?

If you assign the course to the student, the student will receive a notification the next time they log in, asking them if they will allow you to view their course progress. If the student confirms access for your institution, the course will then appear in your dashboard as having been assigned to that student. 

  1. Assign the course to the student
  2. Ask the student to log in and open that course
  3. Ask the student to accept the request to add this enrolment to your institution

The student's progress should now appear on your dashboard!

If you think the student might have accidentally clicked past this notification, you can try assigning the course again, and then helping them when they next log in.

If you still can't see the enrolment for the student in your dashboard after they have confirmed access for your institution, please contact our support channel and let us know which student is affected, and which course you were trying to assign.

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