Can my coding club sign up to Grok?

Yes, absolutely! We recommend setting up your club as a "school", so that you and your instructors can become verified as teachers at your "school".

Being a verified teacher will give you and your team free teacher access (free access to all of our materials that normally require paid access) as well as the ability to manage students in the coding club (and view student data).

To get set up:

  • Register an account as a Teacher.
  • Log in and head to the Institutions page at, then follow the steps to request the addition of your coding club to our database. You should select "Business" as the institution type, not "School".
  • While you are there, request teacher verification for this new institution by clicking the orange "request verification" button.
  • Let us know what other instructors / teachers are at your school so that we can later verify them, by contacting our support team.

Your instructors can create their own Grok accounts and request to become verified as teachers at the institution, following the steps here: How do I become a verified teacher?  Once they are verified as teachers they will have access to all of the courses and can start familiarising themselves with the material!

To register your students accounts, you can follow the instructions here: How do I register my students?

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