My student has multiple accounts

A student may end up with multiple accounts in a variety of ways:

  1. They created their own account earlier, with a personal email address. Their teacher then created an account for them with a school email address.
  2. Their teacher signed them up with a school email address, but they signed in with SSO and there is a mismatch in provided email addresses.
  3. There was a typo in the email address provided by their teacher, and they now they have two accounts - one with the correct email address and one incorrect.
  4. The student may have two school email addresses (such as ID number and name), and two separate accounts have been created using each of these.

In some situations, such as where the student has their own private Grok Academy account, you may prefer to keep these separate and just ask the student to use the school one for school work.

If you do wish to merge these accounts, or are not sure of the cause of the duplicate accounts, then contact us and we can help you out.

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