My student didn't receive the enrolment email

When you register your students on Grok Academy, they should receive an email saying "You've been enrolled at Grok!". This email contains a link which the student can use to set their password and gain access to Grok. 

If your student didn't receive this email, first double-check their email address is correct. 

If their email is definitely correct, but they didn't receive the email, don't worry! They can still log in to Grok. 

As long as you have registered them, your students can still set up their password by going to our Reset Password page, even if they have never logged in before.

If they enter their email address, our Grokbot will send them an email with a link that will allow them to set their password and log in. 

Since your student didn't receive our first email, it's possible that it went to the Spam folder. They might need to check here for the Reset Password email too!

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