How do I reset my password?

Reset your password

If you have a password with Grok, you can reset your password by clicking on the Reset Password link on the login form:

Alternatively you can visit the Reset Password page directly.

How do I know if I have a password? 

Try resetting your password! If you don't have a password with Grok, you'll get a message that resetting your password is not permitted. 

What if I don't have a password? 

If you don't have a password with Grok, it means you normally log in using another identity. Perhaps you log in using your school email and password? Or your Microsoft or Google details? See our FAQ here: How do I log in to Grok?  (Even if you have a password, you can still log in to Grok using one of these methods too.)

If you don't have a password and want one, email our support team - - and we can set one for you. 

Resetting my password isn't working

Does it say "token expired"? Here's some handy hints to solve this:

  1. Do this first: Delete all the emails in your inbox for password resets 
  2. Go to Grok Academy and reset your password
  3. Find the password reset email in your inbox
  4. Click the link in the password reset email

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