My student can't see paid content

If one of your students is unable to access our paid courses, there are a few things you can do.

Check they have an active subscription

Go to your  Teacher Dashboard and find the student. Under Subscription, it will either say how much time they have left on their subscription, or if they do not have one, it will say 'Free courses only'.

If they don't have an active subscription, you will need to purchase one before they'll be able to access all content.

Check they're logged in with the correct account

If they do have a subscription, they may have two accounts with different email addresses. Subscriptions is attached to only one account, so if this happens, their other account does not have access to all content.

If the student is logged in to the wrong one, ask them to log out and re-log in using the correct email address. You can check their email address by clicking on the students' name in the teacher dashboard.

For information on merging two accounts, see  My student has multiple accounts.

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