How do I add my home school?

If you're a parent looking to sign up your children and track their progress, see I'm a parent, how do I sign up my children?

To add your home school, go to Institutions in your account settings and request it to be added to our database.

1. Add Missing Institution

2. Select Home School

3. Complete institution details

Set the name of the home school to be "<Last Name> Homeschool". For example, if Alex Lee is a parent setting up a homeschool, then they would enter the name as "Lee Homeschool".

4. Add the institution to your account

5. Request teacher verification

Once you've added the institution to your account, the last step is to request verification as a teacher at your home school, and receive a free teacher account.

For more details on free teacher access and teacher verification, see How do I get a free teacher account?

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