How do I add my school to my account?

It's best if you add your school to your account on Grok. Sometimes we can't give you access to the course you need until we know which school you're at. 

You can add your school from your account settings. Depending on how your account was created, your Grok account might already have your school details. If your school is already listed on this page, great! There's nothing else you need to do. 

If you need to add your school:

Type the name of your school (or coding club) into the "institution" box. Grok will give you a list of matching schools. Make sure you pick the right one! Select "student" as your role, and pick your grade. Then click Add

If you've changed schools, you can click the "Leave" button and Grok will remove this school from your account. 

If your school doesn't appear when you type in the name, or you can't add a school to your account, read the information here

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