How do I join an existing homeschool?

Any institution on Grok that is marked as a "homeschool" has additional privacy criteria. Homeschools are not visible to other users, and you can't add yourself to a homeschool (unless you are the person who created it). 

If you are a parent needing to join an existing homeschool, you need to be enrolled by someone who is already a "teacher" at that homeschool. Once you are enrolled, you can request verification in the normal way. 

If you're a teacher at an existing homeschool and need to add another teacher:

  1. Enrol the other teacher by going to your Teacher Dashboard
  2. Click on "Register students"
  3. Fill in the other teacher's details, and select "Teacher" as their Grade
  4. Complete the registration process. 
  5. The new teacher will be added to your homeschool but not yet verified. They need to request verification in the normal way. 

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