WebSockets are blocked

If Grok is telling you that WebSockets are blocked, this usually happens because your school or device is blocking WebSockets

Are you using a Chromebook? 

We've noticed on some Chromebooks there is a device configuration setting that blocks WebSockets. The issue is within the proxy settings. If the "Use the same proxy for all protocols is on" is ticked, Websockets won't work (because it will set the "SOCKS host" with a proxy).

In your proxy setttings, manually untick the option "Use the same proxy for all protocols is on", and leave the "SOCKS host" blank. This should work and pass the WebSockets test.

You can find your proxy settings here:

  1. Click on the Network icon in the corner of your screen.
  2. Then select and click on Settings.
  3. Select your network and from the drop down list select Network Options.
  4. Click on the Proxy tab

Unblocking WebSockets on your network

If the issue is with your network, not your device, you will need to contact your network administrator to get them to unblock WebSockets and/or unblock other parts of Grok that are currently blocked for you. 

You should send them our Debug Blocked page (https://groklearning.com/debug/blocked/) so that they can use it to figure out what is being blocked.

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