What are competitions?

We run three competitions a year, covering Blockly and Python programming, embedded systems and web development. Check out the  exact dates of our upcoming competitions and get involved at a time that suits you.

Find out more about each competition in the sections below.

Web.Comp (March)

Web.Comp is a 5 week competition that Comp teaches you HTML and CSS, the powerful building blocks needed to build a website from scratch. The last week will be a web design tournament where you can submit your own design and vote on everyone else's!

Challenge (August)

The Challenge is a competition that teaches students to code in Python 3. Python is an easy to learn scripting language used for many different purposes such as web applications and scientific research

Code Quest (November)

Code Quest is a competition that uses the same questions as the Challenge for those of you who missed it in August, as well as a micro:bit stream!

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