Tell me about Python!

Which version of Python do you teach?

Grok teaches Python using Python 3. Python 2 programs will be marked as incorrect by the marking system. If you want to install Python on your computer, we recommend you install Python 3.6 from the Python website.

What is this Python you speak of?

Python is a programming language developed by Guido van Rossum in the early 90's. The  Python website tells the whole story. Python is named after “Monty Python's Flying Circus”' and there are frequent (and gratuitous) references to Monty Python skits in the Python manuals. 

Why Python? (and not VB, C++, Java, ...)

Python strikes the right balance between simplicity and power. Python is an excellent first programming language to learn yet is powerful enough to build industrial strength applications, for example, Google and Industrial Light and Magic use Python extensively.

Python is a small language with very simple and clean syntax which encourages good coding habits. Python programs can be run on any computer with the interpreter installed. Both the interpreter and an extensive standard library of code are freely available from the Python website and can be freely distributed. Python's documentation is excellent and there are many intro and advanced Python books now available, with a large and helpful community of Python programmers on the web. Most importantly, Python programming is fun! because Python lets you write the programs you want to write. You can build really interesting software in very a small number of lines of code.

What other Python libraries do you support?

We currently have support for these packages

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