I am a lecturer at an Australian university. Can I teach with Grok courses for free?

Yes! All Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand users including university students and lecturers will have free access to all courses authored by Grok Academy. 

Lecturers from Teaching/Education departments of universities may in particular be interested in using Grok for pre-service teachers who are training to teach Digital Technologies in schools across any year level.

If you wish to use Grok to train pre-service teachers, please contact us at support@groklearning.com with answers to the questions below, where applicable.

Account setup considerations:

  • Will your students be using Grok courses for the sole purpose of familiarising themselves with the platform?
  • Would you like to use courses on the Grok platform to teach Digital Technologies to your students?
  • Would you like your students to have access to the solutions to problems within the courses?
  • Would you or your fellow course coordinators like to be able to monitor and assess student performance on Grok courses?
  • Do your students need access to all of Grok's schools content, or are there specific resources your students need access to?

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