Privacy Policy 2021 - consent

Grok Learning is becoming Grok Academy — a charity dedicated to educating all learners in transformative computing skills. We have made changes to our privacy policy to reflect the fact that your data will soon be managed by Grok Academy.

The first time you login after the privacy policy has been updated, you will need to consent to the new policy to be able to continue to use the platform. 
Your students will also need to give consent otherwise they will not be able to access any courses or competitions. 
When your students log in for the first time, they will see a page that asks them to consent to the new privacy policy - this page will be different depending on where they are. In some areas, if they are under 13, they will need a guardian to consent on their behalf.

Once they have consented to the new policy, your students will be able to use the platform as normal.

If you (or your students) choose not to approve the new policy, you have the option to delete you account.

Can my students accidentally delete their accounts?

We have to have the option for users to delete their account if they do not approve of the new privacy policy. Students will be required to email us directly to delete their account so they cannot do it in error. We understand some students may try to delete their account anyway - so we will check with their institution before deleting any active student accounts.

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