Grok Cyber Comp

What is Grok Cyber Comp?

Grok Cyber Comp is a Cyber awareness competition running from 28 November for 2 weeks. 

It is a 45 minute online activity open to all Australian school students in years 5 -12. The comp consists of 12 interactive problems in which students explore how to be more secure online and discover common cyber security risks.

Why can't my students access Grok Cyber Comp?

For Australian students

To be able to participate in Grok Cyber Comp your students need to be registered, be in grades 5-12 and associated with an Australian school institution, this includes Australian home schools.

For other students

You will need to be registered and have a current paid all-access account.

How do my students access the Grok Cyber Comp?

We recommend you assign Grok Cyber Comp to your students. 

Alternatively you can provide them the following links ( remember: once they click on the link the competition starts):

My student started their 45 minute session, but then clicked out of the browser, can they restart?

No, once the 45 minute timer starts, it can’t be paused. It will continue even if the browser is closed. Students only get one chance to complete the competition.

Can my student complete this over 2 or more sessions?

No, once the session starts it can’t be paused. 

Who can participate in Grok Cyber?

All students in Australian from years 5-12 can participate for free in Grok Cyber Comp. Grok Cyber Pursuit and Grok Cyber Live are aimed at students in years 7 to 12.

For students outside Australia you can participate if your school has paid access or you hold a paid account.

Why should students take part in Grok Cyber Comp?

After taking part in Grok Cyber Comp students will:

  • Have a greater understanding of why it is important to protect their personal information
  • Know how to create stronger passwords
  • Be able to evaluate emails and text messages to reduce the risk of falling victim to scams
  • Understand what to do if they receive a scam email or message

When should students do Grok Cyber?

We recommend students take part in Grok Cyber Comp at school, during class time. The activity is suitable as a whole class activity during a pastoral care class, to address ICT capabilities, as part of a Digital Technologies lesson or as part of a school digital citizenship or digital literacy program.

How do we see the students' results?

Teachers will be able to see their students’ results in the teacher dashboard the week following Grok Cyber Comp, the week beginning June 28. Teachers will receive a report based on their school’s overall performance at the start of Term 3 along with a teacher guide and solutions.   

Students will be able to view their Grok Cyber Comp results in the week after Grok Cyber Comp is completed (week beginning 28 June 2021). 

Schools will also receive a report outlining aggregated results for their school, with suggestions to improve their school's overall cyber security awareness at the start of term 3.

Is there a cost to take part?

It is free if you are an Australian school student in Grade 5 to 12. For any students outside Australia or not in Grades 5-12 you need a paid account to compete. You can find out more about paid access on the Pricing Page.

Are there prizes?

All students taking part in Grok Cyber Comp receive a Certificate of Participation.

How can my students prepare?

No preparation is required for your students to take part in Grok Cyber. It's good if your students have a general awareness of how to stay secure online. The final questions in Grok Cyber Comp are designed to be challenging for students. All problems contain an explanation, and some hints are also provided.

Do my students need to have an understanding of cyber security to take part?

Students do not need any specific understanding of cyber security to take part in Grok Cyber Comp. Grok Cyber Pursuit and Live are more challenging events for students who show a particular interest or aptitude for cyber security.

Do students take part as individuals or in teams?

Students register individually on to take part in Grok Cyber Comp. We encourage students to discuss their answers with peers and and as a group when they receive their results and feedback. Grok Cyber Pursuit and Grok Cyber Live are team events.

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