How do I load saved code or previous submissions?

Sometimes you can prefer to work on an earlier version of your program. Maybe you realised you should have taken a different approach, or maybe you deleted something by mistake. On Grok, you can easily load earlier versions of your code!

To load earlier versions of your code, go to the "Submissions" tab under the Workspace like shown below.

Then you can press the "Load" button next to different saves and submissions and the different versions will load into the workspace.

What about Scratch or MakeCode courses?

You can still revert to earlier saves in Scratch and MakeCode courses but the history is in a slightly different place. You can find the "History" button in the top right, next to the "Save" button.

Then the submissions log looks and acts the same as it does on other courses.

What if I reset the workspace?

Even if you reset the workspace, you can still load previous saves and submissions.

Please keep in mind that if you had to reset the workspace due to a problem, loading the old saves is likely to make the problem come back.

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