Allow Grok domains in Norton Parental Controls

While the Grok Academy platform is a well-known educational platform, some of the domains used by it are blocked by Norton Family. If you notice that some of the pages do not render correctly, you can check whether some domains are being blocked by visiting the Block Checker at and checking the output for these tests.

You can manually add the blocked domains for your child's account. First, log in to the Norton portal ( and go the the Parental Controls section.

Next, select the child for whom you wish to modify access.

Next, click on the settings button for web access controls.

At the bottom of the settings page is a section to specify allowed websites. Add all of the domain patterns listed at the top of and then save your changes (not all of these are required for all courses, but it's useful to add them to prevent future issues).

Your child's computer should update soon after - they should refresh the Grok course in their browser, after which (hopefully) all the content should render correctly.

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