Add Grok to your school booklist

We know that many schools use booklists. They're a convenient way to save time (for teachers and parents) and ensure your students have exactly what they need to learn best. 

A Grok subscription is the perfect item to include on your school booklist. 

A Grok subscription is your Digital Technologies textbook and exercise book all rolled into one (plus it's interactive). You can include Grok on your school booklist, just like any other resource. By adding a Grok Learning subscription to your annual booklist you help families prepare for the coming school year and ensure your students have the resources they need for their first day of school.  

Many schools are including online subscriptions to programs such as Mathletics on their booklist. Including Grok on the booklist ensures that your school budget can be used for other resources that crop up during the school year. 

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