Tell me about Narration on Grok

Slide narration is a feature introduced for the NCSS Challenge Newbies stream and has been extended to multiple other courses on Grok!

Why do we have narration?

Slide/Audio narration allows a greater variety of students the ability to access and engage with coding who may otherwise be at a disadvantage with regard to sight or reading comprehension. Narration aims to make developing as a coder just that bit easier to connect with!

How can I find courses with narration?

You can use the filters on the courses page to find all our courses with narration. Or click here to go straight to a list of all narrated courses.

How does narration work?

Narration buttons appear on slides and on problems. Students can click the narration button to hear the information read out. If students didn't understand everything the first time, they can replay the narration by clicking the button again. 

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