Can Grok support my education initiative?

We often get emails asking if we can support a new education initiative. Often these are free or not-for-profit initiatives which are aiming to provide education in an area that doesn't get much attention - for example, a public library hosting coding workshops for students or adults who don't have access to the internet at home. 

We love to say yes where we can!

Here's some ways that Grok can support your education initiative:

> You can use our free content:

  • The first one or two modules of most of our courses are available for free, so anyone can register an account to get started, no payment required
  • Try our Hour of Code courses - you don't even need an account for these (and yes, they are fun for all ages, not just students!
  • If you're an Australian based Education initiative, sponsored access is available to all Australian users. For more details, see Who can access Grok for free?

> You can use our teaching resources and lesson plans

Check out our Resources page:

  • You can download and print our posters
  • You can use our suggested lesson plans 

And have a look at the Grok Blog for heaps more suggestions on how to use Grok to teach coding. 

> We consider requests for sponsorship:

We sometimes sponsor specific initiatives. For example, we might provide a discount on paid, or send you some Grok merchandise. If you're looking for sponsorship, email us and tell us why Grok would want to support your initiative, and we'll consider it!

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