NCSS Challenge Certificates

Thanks for participating in the NCSS Challenge!

Certificates will be available to download after the competition closes.

If you're a teacher

If you're a teacher and want to download certificates for your students, please check our help article:  How do I download certificates for my students?

If you're a student

If you're a student and would like to see your own certificate, please check our help article:  How do I download my own certificate?

Will I get sent a physical copy?

For students and teachers participating in Australia and New Zealand our normal practice is to send a copy of the certificate.  However due to current COVID-19 restrictions we will contact teachers via email at the close of the competition about physical certificates.

When will certificates be ready?

Certificates are usually ready within 24 hours of the competition closing. An email will be sent to both teachers and students when they are ready with instructions on how to download the certificate.

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