NCSS Challenge Certificates

Thanks for participating in the NCSS Challenge!

Certificates will be available to download after the competition closes.

If you're a teacher

If you're a teacher and want to download certificates for your students, please check our help article:  How do I download certificates for my students?

If you're a student

If you're a student and would like to see your own certificate, please check our help article:  How do I download my own certificate?

Will I get sent a physical copy?

Students who enrolled in the NCSS Challenge at an Australian or New Zealand school, excluding Queensland Department of Education schools, will also be sent a certificate to their school a few weeks after the competition completes.

Students at homeschools in Australia or New Zealand can also get mailed a certificate, as long as we have your address on file.

When will certificates be ready?

Certificates for the Advanced stream take a little longer to generate because of the tournament, and may not be available straight away.

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