What are the Changes to the Challenge

Based on your feedback from our recent Challenge survey, for 2018 we've completely rewritten the Challenge to better align with the Australian Curriculum. Every problem is new, every slide has been reviewed, and we are very excited about the changes!

Take me to the Challenge!

Newbies has been revised to be even friendlier for younger students, so that students in primary school can be involved too! The stream is now aligned to the year 5/6 Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, and the language has been simplified to better suit students of this level.
Beginners now much more closely aligned with the year 7/8 Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, we have also simplified the reading level here a bit too. Additionally, we now have 2 courses at the Beginners level, one in Blockly and one in Python. They both cover the exact same content so teachers can have students in their class doing either option and still teach the whole class together. (The Beginner Blockly course is what Newbies was in 2017).
Intermediate has now been updated to more clearly follow on from Beginners. The assumed knowledge for this course is now much clearer from week 1. Students will need to have completed Beginners before or have had experience in coding to complete this stream. This content also, now more closely aligns with the year 9/10 Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.
Advanced is our most exciting change. Introducing the Challenge Championship 🏆! An all new way to compete, with code. Students will build an Artificial Intelligence (AI) to play a competitive card game, and then go head to head against other AIs.We'll teach them the basics of how to build an AI, but it's their job to figure out a winning strategy! Of course, our tutors will be on hand to assist, answering questions and offering advice!

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