Swapping subscriptions between students

Subscriptions aren't transferrable

We understand that when students leave a school or change classes, you may want to transfer their Grok subscription to another student. However, once assigned, all Grok subscriptions are directly associated with that student, and are non-transferrable (see our Terms of Use).

We have "per student" accounts and not "per seat" accounts. We encourage students to make full use of their years subscription, and we encourage teachers to make full use of Grok subscriptions in different classes or in extra-curricular clubs. 

The price of our subscriptions includes an understanding that students make use of these accounts in varying ways. Some may use our services well beyond its cost, some may not. Because of this we are not able to chop up subscriptions, offer half-year subscriptions, or transfer subscriptions for each term or semester.


Under extenuating circumstances we may make exceptions to this rule, or provide alternate pathways for you to make better use of Grok in your special circumstances. We understand that budgets are complex and hard to manage, and that many schools struggle to get the best resources for their students. We want all students to get access to the best resources possible!

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