The DT Challenges (Australian Computing Academy)

Many teachers and students have made use of the DT Challenges, created by the Australian Computing Academy. These resources have been made available fee-free for Australian students in grade 3 to 8 because of a funding arrangement with the Federal Department of Education, Skills and Employment. You can find all the  DT Challenges hosted on Grok here

The DT Challenges in 2021 and beyond

We’ve had lots of teachers ask us how they can continue to have free access to the DT Challenges beyond 2020. The DT Challenges are funded by the Federal Department of Education, Skills and Employment until the end of 2020.

The Australian Computing Academy have submitted a proposal to the Federal Department of Education, Skills and Employment for continued free access for 2021 and beyond. But at this point, funding of the DT Challenges in 2021 by the Federal Government is not guaranteed.

On the assumption that funding ends in December 2020, we'll be in touch over the coming months to let you know how to access the DT Challenges next year, and of the costs associated with this.

How can you help?

Teachers have asked us how to encourage the relevant decision-makers in Government to continue funding for the DT Challenges. One way that you can support us is to email the Federal or State Education Ministers. Or you could email your local Member of Parliament to tell them about the impact that the Australian Digital Technologies Challenges have had in your classroom and how the resources have helped you and your students. 

You can write to the Hon Dan Tehan, Federal Minister for Education at:
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

or email him:

You can find your local Federal Member of Parliament and their contact details using the search tool here:

The ACA team thanks you for your ongoing support. 

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