Expert tutoring during COVID-19

We know that the transition to remote teaching is difficult for many. Grok Learning and our partner, the Australian Computing Academy, are continuing to work on more ways to support you, your students, and their parents.

Expert Tutoring until 30 August 2020

Beginning Monday 6th April and ending 30 August 2020, Grok is providing expert tutoring live on Grok for your students.

When Expert Tutoring ends on 30 August, you'll no longer be able to send a chat message. Your existing chat messages will be visible (read-only) for 4 weeks, until 25th September. After that, the Tutoring button will be removed from all our regular courses and you won't be able to access the chat history. Make sure you take notes of any messages that were particularly useful!

What is tutoring?

For those who have joined our competitions in the past, you'll know that we provide tutoring support to students and teachers. For the duration of our free access arrangement (until 5 July), we're also making live tutoring available for ALL our school content.

If your students need help with a Grok or ACA problem, they can chat to one of our expert tutors live inside the Grok platform, or ask a question and come back later for an answer. Our tutors will help students understand concepts and debug their code (but not give away the answers!).

How can my students access tutoring?

Students access tutoring in exactly the same way as for our competitions. 

Tutors are there to help students understand concepts and guide them through solving the problem. Most of all they're there to help them learn, so please encourage your students to reach out.

During this time, our tutors will only contact students who ask for help. Tutors will not proactively contact your students unless they are participating in one of our competitions. All verified teachers on Grok can see the chat history between students at tutors at any time. And yes, teachers can absolutely chat to our tutors too, so if you would like help, please ask them!

Please remind your students to be as polite to tutors online as they would be in real life. Our tutors are people too.

What content will be available for tutoring?

Very soon, all our school content will have tutoring available. We're turning this on progressively, so bear with us if the course you want doesn't have tutoring yet - it will soon! See the schedule at the bottom of this FAQ. 

You can see which courses have Live Tutoring by using the filters on our Launchpad - or click this link.

When is tutoring available? 🕗

Starting Monday 6th April our tutors will be online on weekdays from 8:00am to 6:00pm Sydney time (AEDT/AEST). Students can still ask questions in the chat window outside these hours, and tutors will reply when they come back online.

What about school holidays, I hear you ask? Yes, tutoring will run during the same hours in school holidays. We don't expect students to be doing school work during the holidays, but many will be cooped up at home and in need of some activities.

Tutoring is available until 30 August 2020. 

Who are the tutors?

All tutors engaged by Grok Learning are tertiary students or industry professionals who go through an application process to be approved as tutors. The application process includes a mandatory Working With Children Check.

We provide our tutors with training and support (including mentoring from experienced tutors) to ensure that our tutoring is of the highest quality, and we monitor our tutor messages to ensure they communicate appropriately with children.

What else do you need?

Let us help you! Register your students (if you haven't already) and encourage them to chat to our tutors.

Do you have ideas about how we can help? Or need help getting started? Email us at

For live updates and to share ideas with other teachers, join our Facebook group, watch our Response page, or tweet at us @groklearning.

Stay safe and be kind to yourselves.

We have finalised the schedule for adding Expert Tutoring to the remaining Grok Learning and Australian Computing Academy Courses:

6 April 2020

9 April

24 April

27 April

18 May

21 May

25 May

28 May

2 June

4 June

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