Subscriptions on Grok Learning

Do I need a subscription to use Grok Learning? 

You don't have to have a subscription to use Grok Learning. Once you have registered an account, you can access all of our free content straight away. 

What does a Grok subscription do?

If you want to access to more than just the free content, you can purchase a subscription

Our subscriptions are all-access, which means you can access all of the Grok content for the duration of your subscription (normally 12 months). 

How much does a Grok subscription cost? 

All our pricing information is explained on our pricing page. Or you can check out this FAQ to answer some more pricing questions: How much does Grok cost?

I'm a teacher, do I need a subscription? 

Teachers will always have free access to all Grok content - you don't need a subscription! Once you become a verified teacher, you will automatically have free access to all our content. For more details on free teacher access, see  How do I get a free teacher account?

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