Paying for Grok Academy

Do I need to pay to use Grok Academy? 

You don't have to have paid access to use Grok Academy. Once you have registered an account, you can access all of our free content straight away. 

What do I get if I pay for Grok?

By paying for Grok you can access all our courses and competitions, including the NCSS Challenge and Web.Comp, for up to 12months. 

How much does Grok cost? 

All our pricing information is explained on our pricing page. Or you can check out this FAQ to answer some more pricing questions: How much does Grok cost?

I'm a teacher, do I need to pay? 

Teachers will always have free access to all Grok content - you don't need to pay! Once you become a verified teacher, you will automatically have free access to all our content. For more details on free teacher access, see  How do I get a free teacher account?

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