What does "the domain ... is externally managed" mean?

When attempting to register a new Grok Learning account, you might encounter the error message "The domain ... is externally managed". This happens when you are attempting to register a new Grok Learning account using an email address whose domain is either reserved, or is sync'd with an Australian State Department of Education.

If you are at a Queensland Department of Education school and see this message when using the bulk subscription form, this means that you have a typo in the email address. All Queensland Department of Education users already have Grok accounts, and so if you are attempting to register a new Grok account for an email address ending in "@eq.edu.au", this implies that the Department of Education does not believe this email address exists, and thus is incorrect. Please double check the email address you have entered and correct it. Once it has been corrected, you will be able to continue as expected with the purchasing of subscriptions for the existing Grok user.

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